Recently I was contacted by the maker Vapourlites and was asked to do a review on them. With the new sensation of e-cigarettes this was something that I was happy to do.

I am a social smoker and do not care for the traditional cig, but have found that I am really loving the freedom but not the taste of some e-cigarettes. To me, most e-cigarettes taste very chemically and have an unpleasant taste, even when supposed to be flavored. This is not the case with Vapourlites.
The one’s that I was sent to try out were the menthol version. On first puff I was delighted to feel and taste the difference. The menthol was almost berry flavored, it was light, and not irritating to my lungs at all. Now mind you like I said I am a social smoker so any bit of smoking typically hurts my lungs. But not these.

I was also delighted in the fact that I was sent what is called a micro e-cigarette. It is half the size of a regular cig but with the same quality flavor but even more discreet. I also like the fact that you can buy refill kits that are the equlivant of 100 cigarettes for less than 3 packs of traditional cigarettes, and that the refill kits come in a variety of flavors.

But how do Vapourlites work?

This makes it ideal for smokers who are barred from public establishments that do not allow smoking. Because the vapor is nontoxic and oder-less, it is unobtrusive and virtually undetectable. Another thing about e-cigs is that they are a valuable tool to help cut down and reduce smoking cravings.
The e-cigarette has less nicotine vs. traditional cigarettes, but provides you with all the satisfaction of a traditional.

Honestly I can say that Vapourlites are my new go to brand for when Im out with my friends. I give this product a 9 out of 10. The draw back that I see with this is that there is no holder. Im afraid that I would lose it. But other than that I am loving it, and can not wait to show it off to my friends.

Want to try it out? Go to browse their entire selection of e-cigarettes and products