So this is the confessions of a part time hoarder. By that I mean, I never meant to become one in the first place. It all started off after I made a move to a different state. Going from having a larger space, to a smaller space, and the onset of mental illness.
I at the age of 26 began to go down a downward spiral and declining health. At 27 I was placed in the hospital for undiagnosed Diabetes and Diabetic complications. After my stay in the hospital, I moved to Washington. In doing so it exacerbated my mental health and caused me to withdraw. Living with family who didn’t understand me and still to this day do very little to understand me or my illnesses, caused serious depressive issues and bipolar mood swings. 3 people living in a small 2 bedroom home was a crowding issue to begin with. Forcing someone who had an almost 300 sq ft room to a room that was less than 30 sq ft with all the accoutrements of the previous room, begins the building blocks for that downward descent.

At the time of writing this blog post, I am soon to be 36 as of March 16th. I am working toward getting right with me. For well over 7 years, I allowed my home to be a reflection of the inner turmoil that was my mental state. I had begun asking for help as the state of the house and my world was to much for me to bare and it was just to much for me to do on my own. So after having reached out to countless people and organizations and being declined, I gave up. In the summer of 2016 I took a trip “home” to go see my mom. While I was there my sister, her boyfriend, and my niece came through my house and made it 60% better. When I got home, I had a new bedroom set up, and my kitchen was clean, and my living room for partially done. I spent 4 weeks, day in and day out doing the rest of my house. My living room alone took me 2 days moving at a pace that wasn’t to much for me. The I turned my attentions to my dining room. That room took me 4 days to accomplish.
Meanwhile the rest of the house began to decline due to use and lack of upkeep. Because my living room, dining room, and kitchen all connect, it seemed that one became the holder of things for the other. So it was like cleaning 3 rooms at the same time. It very much seemed at times like there was this vicious cycle of out weighing ratio of dirty to clean. Eventually I was able to tackle my dining room, living room, and my kitchen (however, it is a constant struggle of upkeep as it is the room I use the most.) Then I began turning my focus to my bathroom. It is coming along, however since it is the 3rd most used room in my house, and one that i seem to always “store” stuff in, it is a work in progress that will eventually get completed.

Mind you, I have revamped it from the state that it was in. But there is still much that needs to be fixed in there. I need to repair a sink, and get a new shower enclosure. All things that I will eventually have to tell my landlord about. But I also need him to replace my washer and dryer. Of which my wash room needs cleaning as well. However, I have done a significant amount of cleaning in there already, I just need to get some of the old clothing that I can no longer wear, out of there and then call him in. The biggest most pain in the ass project is going to be my bathroom, as he is in his late 70’s mid 80’s, it means that what would take a younger person only a day to complete, will take him probably a week or so to fix. During this time my water will have to be shut off and I will have to be put up in a hotel per Washington state law. I also have 2 cats, in which I will have to home with me in whatever place im at for the time that he is in my house. All of this is hopeful that he doesn’t serve me with an eviction notice for the amount of repairs that need to be made.

So right now I am taking a break from working on my old bedroom and the bullfuckery therein. Having no transportation to go to the county landfill makes it very hard to get significant amounts of work done. But this too shall pass, albeit like a kidney stone, it shall pass. I will try to post after pictures of the room i’m currently working on. Please do not think less of me, I am doing my best to change 7yrs of depression and the effects of mental illness.