Proper foot care is important for people suffering from diabetes. This disease can cause foot problems that can lead to amputation of the foot or leg. It is essential that people with diabetes wash and check their feet daily, choose proper shoes, wear diabetic socks and go for regular foot examinations to avoid any serious complications.

There are primarily two health issues that can cause foot problems in diabetic patients. Nerve damage is one common health problem often experienced by diabetics. High blood glucose level over time can lead to impaired nerves in the toes and feet. As a result, the sensations of the person are impaired, putting the patient at risk of various foot injuries.

Poor blood circulation is another common health issue experienced by diabetics. Due to high standing blood sugar levels, blood vessels are damaged, reducing blood flow to the foot. As a result, any cut or wound formed on the leg will not heal quickly. Since a diabetic may not feel any foot injuries due to neuropathy, they will be in bigger trouble when proper medical attention is not taken immediately.

One of the best products that help diabetics keep their feet safe and healthy is diabetic socks. Diabetic socks for men and women are designed especially for people suffering diabetes. Wearing these socks can help diabetics reduce swelling in their ankles and feet. In addition, they can help protect feet from sensitivity and relieve pain from sensitive ankles, feet, and lower limbs. Moreover, since these socks have little or no elasticity, wearing them does not restrict blood circulation to the feet, thereby encouraging quick healing. Another great feature is that these socks are designed to draw moisture away from the feet and are more breathable. This helps prevent foot infections.

Really anyone can wear these hosiery. Pregnant women, athletes, and those with poor circulation can also benefit from wearing diabetic socks. In fact, the synthetic makeup of diabetic socks has more moisture wicking capabilities than most athletic socks. Generally, socks are made of 100% cotton. Although cotton socks help absorb moisture, socks made of synthetic fibers help wick moisture away from the skin, making the skin dry and less prone to infections, blisters, and foot odor. Apart from keeping moisture away, wearing diabetic socks with padded cushion soles can help the feet absorb shock from the impact of exercise.

One of the most common problem women experience during pregnancy is swollen feet. This is caused by increased blood volume and weight gain. Swollen feet can often make pregnant women even more uncomfortable than they already are. To prevent discomfort in feet and legs, it is important that pregnant women wear proper socks. Opting to wear diabetic socks during pregnancy can be a good option because they have extra wide tops that stretch out a lot more than normal socks.

Poor blood circulation can be caused due to various factors. Common causes include lack of exercise, smoking, obesity, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, or certain thyroid or nerve conditions. Lack of proper blood circulation in the feet can often lead to swollen, cold, numb, tired feet. Wearing diabetic socks is an effective way to relieve these symptoms and promote circulation.

Improper foot care during diabetes can lead to serious health complications. To maintain good foot health and protect your feet from chronic edema, foot pain, swelling or injury, wear diabetic socks for men and women. Even non-diabetics can benefit from the improved blood flow from these socks. Your feet will thank you for it.