I got a pair of Sketcher’s Shape Up’s  yesterday and wore them for the first time today and I have fallen in love. Being a larger person and having arthritis, bad knees, and a bad lower back, I instantly noticed a difference the second I put them on.

Because of the unique shape of the sole and the lack of a heel, you are forced to stand, and walk differently in them. At first (before I got used to walking in them) I clomped like a horse. But once I learned to walk and balance in them I could feel them actually starting to work. I felt pressure where the arch of my foot should be (im so flat footed that you cant slip a piece of papers between my foot and the ground) I noticed a shift in the muscles in my gluts, my shins, and my back. I put them on at 1:00pm and took them off at 7:30pm and I did a significant amount of walking and never once felt pain in my lower back, nor my knees.

Though the minute I took them off and went to walk into the kitchen my knees started hurting again and i had instant pain in my lower back. So from 7 hours of no pain to slipping off the shoes and in pain, I almost want to lace them back up and live in them.

Im giving these shoes a 9 out of 10. I am scoring them this way because the price of the shoes keeps it from being affordable to everyone, but trust me, in my humble opinion, well worth the money.