eliquid-blueberryHi everyone. So I was asked by the good folks over at Vapourlites to give their e-juice a try since I have done reviews for them in the past for their e-cigarettes, so naturally I agreed. 

Now I will be the first to be honest and tell you all that I have never used a refillable e-cigarette until today. I felt a bit ‘special’ when it came to filling it, if you know what I mean.900mah-ego-t-battery-ce4-atomizer-e-cigarette-kit-0901

So once I figured out where to put the e-juice the next problem was getting the bottle open. I must say that UK standards for child safety locking devices are superior to ours here in the US, as it took me a good 5 minutes to figure out how to finally get the bloody thing open (see previous ‘special’ reference.) So thankfully my eGot-T e-cigarette came pre-charged so I didn’t need to wait around for it to charge. And at first I must admit when I had filled the reservoir and took my first couple of drags, I didn’t not have the blueberry taste that I was hoping for, but by the 5th puff it was there. Much like the other products that they sent me in the past to try I was really surprised by the fact that the vapor was so smooth and light. It wasn’t heavy and harsh like traditional cig’s. And the delightful taste really enhanced the sensation of smoking.

eliquid-strawberryI am one of those people who loved flavored cigarettes and especially love cloves. So having tasted the Blueberry and the Strawberry I can only guess at how amazingly wonderful their other flavors that they offer would be. What I truly love about Vapourlites is that they come in various strengths from 0mg – 18mg (or 1.8%) Nicotine. They have a deal where you can buy 3 flavors for £10 (roughly $17USD) which is an amazing deal as I have looked around on e-Bay and they don’t even have those types of deals. Each vile is about $7.00 which is a really good price as you get about 200-225 traditional cigarettes. Last time I was at the store and priced cigs they were almost $10 a pack, and here in Washington we pay a Sin Tax which makes them almost $13.

Also it has been suggested that smoking e-cigarettes is healthier for you, and in many cases you can smoke in public establishments that normally ban smoking.

So if you are ready to make the switch and want a good quality product for not a lot of money I really do suggest heading over to http://www.vapourlites.com and pick yourself up a starter kit, or some e-juice if you are already an e-cig owner. You wont be disappointed.