I just wanted to inform you that I have  created a new Android App called Hello Cupcake It’s Me Follower. What this App does is puts all of Hellocupcakeitsme.com at your finger tips. So now you are able to connect to all of my content on FaceBook, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, and the blog, all from your mobile device.

Another feature of this app is that it also doubles as a fully functional web browser. So not only are you connected directly to my entire social media, but you can also browse your favorite sites. Still even better yet, this app is really small and phone friendly.


Scan this to download

Scan this to download

You have the 6 Insta-Tap™ social icons, and then below them you have your URL address bar. Please Install this great app and provide me with your feedback. You can scan the QR Code or use this link Click Here to Download.


Download the .apk file directly from here