Ok so I have had the chance to download my copy of Glooko and test it out.
Right out of the box you are faced with a verity of options from syncing your meter, to adding notes about that reading.

At the bottom of the screen we find four options being Home, History, Opinions, and Settings. Home, History and Settings  are pretty self explanatory, but what leaves me puzzled is Opinions area.

IMG_0512Looking at this area is a bit of a head scratcher,because at first you are introduced with things that have nothing to do with Diabetes nor the function of the App itself, but what looks to be random headlines from a News Agitator.


Then as you begin to scroll down you find information about Diabetes in a blogosphere feed, which I am assuming is a means to bring you the latest information about developments in treatment and diagnosis of Diabetes and current news within the D Community. But really I don’t see the need for this feature unless the developers of Glooko are thinking about creating a Diabetic Community forum/blog/social network area  like or something of that nature, which would be handy to connect other Glooko users together.


In the settings area you have many features that you would expect with the added feature to buy another MeterSync Cable from Glooko’s Amazon Store, which could be handy should you need a replacement. Also you have a Feedback section takes you to an e-maiIMG_0517l form where it gives information about your phone, the Glooko version, the iOS version, and the Current Meter that you are using. All of which are important features when you are new to the game, and really don’t know any of the details about your meter and what have you.


The list of supported meters are only a few, but from what the company says that will change in the future, right now the App supports the most popular brands. Many of which you can get for free if you Google them, or depending on your insurance you may be able to obtain one through your Doctor or Diabetes Educator.

All in all I have to say that so far I love this App and hope that it will stay in the forefront of my Diabetes Management. I will report back in a week.