Glooko has been on the cutting edge of Diabetic technology since day one. They have set the bar and now others are frantically trying to follow in their blazing foot steps.
Recently Glooko sent me their MeterSync Blue, which is a meter connecting device that allows you to upload your meter readings via Bluetooth.

Having worked with Glooko in the Past I was excited to be able to test out the MeterSync Blue. I opened up my Glooko App and began syncing my meter.


As you can see from my glucose results my sugars run high. But I was really impressed with how quickly it synced. I have used the other cables that Glooko had come out with, but really like the fact that all you have to do is plug in your meter, push the button on the MeterSync Blue and all your info goes directly to your phone or Android/iOS device.


Original Android Glooko Sync


New Glooko MeterSync Blue

I am still not to thrilled about it being a 3 piece system like the Android version. I would have liked to see it be a more cohesive 2 piece system, that would closely resemble the iPhone sync cable system that is all one cord.


iPhone Glooko Sync cable. Notice its all one piece.

With it being a 3 piece system it seems like there is more room for you to lose some of the items you need in order to properly test. Another thing that you will notice between the MeterSync Blue and the original Android Sync cable is that they did away with the 3.5mm jack that you would have allowed you to plug the device directly into the meter and transmit that way. Had they kept the 3.5mm plug they could have just shipped the 2.5mm adapter that would have made it a 2 piece system and would save the company on production and shipping costs, and would have eliminated the need for the 3.5mm cord. However, that being said I must say that this is by far my most favorite of all the Glooko products. Being a fan of Bluetooth I love anything that can sync up using it.

My over all rating of the MeterSync Blue is 9.5 out of 10. Had they kept the 3.5mm plug and or made the additional 3.5mm cord part of the system and not a separate detachable I would have given it a 10. The MeterSync Blue is not yet available for purchase but you can click here  to be notified when it becomes available for public purchase.