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Phlebotomist Certification

Three Simple Strategies To Optimize Your Health Company As always, healthcare is a dynamic industry that affords business owners the opportunity to earn sustainable incomes while simultaneously playing a positive role in the lives of the local community. If you […]

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Maya Angelo dead at 86

Today we lost a wonderful woman, writer and poet Maya Angelou has passed on. She was an inspiration and hero to the community. She was 86 when she left this world. But with the powerful words of courage, change, hope, […]

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Goodbye 32

It has been a whirl wind of a last few weeks. I have been in and out of the doctors, having tests done and what have you. But it has been nice because I’ve had some extra income due to […]

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a thousand words

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Day 1 of taking lexipro and victoza

Day 1 of taking Lexipro and Victoza so far I’m not liking the Lexipro I’m really light headed and almost dizzy.

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Staying Healthy And Maintaining Your Lifestyle After A Diabetes Diagnosis

Diabetes is a serious disease that can cause many critical health complications or even lead to death if not properly managed. The key to a happy and healthy life is learning about how to take care of your diabetes most […]

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What You Need To Know About Healthy Eating To Stop The Yo-Yo Dieting

Losing one’s hair is a wrenching experience for anyone who experiences it, no matter what the cause. There are a lot of ways to take on hair loss, and there are a lot of things you can try to cut […]

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Tips That Can Help You Cope With Diabetes

Information is your number one ally in your fight against diabetes. Read the following article, and apply the tips wherever you can in your life to battle this dangerous disease. Being proactive now is the best way to avoid serious […]

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