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Eyebuydirect.com deals and promotions

Hey everyone if you are looking for cheap quality glasses starting at $6.00 then your going to need to head over to www.eyebuydirect.com Eyebuydirect.com is so amazing, and they have killer frames. What sets them apart from other eyeglass providers, is […]

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Calgary Real Estate site review

Recently I was contacted by The Cliff Stevenson Group of Calgary Real Estate for a site review and to give my over all opinion. Well what they didnt know is that my sister just so happens to be on the […]

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Neil Diamond Melody Road CD Review

For years Neil Diamond has wooed the world with his campy folk style singing. Bring such great hits as Sweet Caroline, Cracklin Rose, and his timeless duet with Barbra Streisand, You dont bring me flowers. Neil has once again hit the […]

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Glooko Rolling out new Bluetooth Connected Device

Glooko has been on the cutting edge of Diabetic technology since day one. They have set the bar and now others are frantically trying to follow in their blazing foot steps. Recently Glooko sent me their MeterSync Blue, which is […]

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Testing new E-Juice from Vampire Vape and EShish

I just received some new Vape in the mail yesterday and I must say Im pretty impressed with these guys. My two E-Cigarette Juices came from Vape Club. I got Vampire Vape – Bat Juice, and EShish Strawberry and White […]

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Back to School with Eyebuydirect.com

Lets face it, going back to school hits everyone right in the wallet. Buying new shoes, and clothing, and school supplies can get rather expensive, especially if you have to get a new pair of glasses for you or the […]

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Health Website that actually is…Healthy

I have always come across sites that boaster that they have excellent articles about heath, beauty and the like. But I found one that isn’t just a bunch of fluff and hot air. Behealthy24.com is one of the best sites […]

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Tips to Minimize Occurrence of Stretch Marks During and After Pregnancy

Stretch marks during and after pregnancy are inevitable. It occurs as a result of the stretching of the skin up to its limits. As the skin tends to stretch to house the growing fetus, the collagen fibers tend to compensate […]

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All IT Supported Baton Rouge-Service Review

It seems like everyone is a so called IT Professional but many times when you hire someone you really don’t know what kind of quality they offer. That’s where All IT Supported Baton Rouge, takes it a step further. With […]

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Before I Die–post taken from candychang.com

Before I Die originally posted http://candychang.com/before-i-die-in-nola/ I DO NOT OWN THE COPYRIGHT TO THIS POST, I COPY AND PASTE IT TO SHARE. IF REQUESTED BY CANDYCHANG I WILL REMOVE. What is important to you 2011-present It’s easy to get caught […]

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