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Sometimes Music Helps

So the last few days I’ve been really upset because I just feel like I haven’t had a voice, and whenever I do say something that I am chastised for doing so. Since going back to mental health and working […]

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Happy 3rd Birthday Hellocupcakeitsme :)

Has it really been 3 whole years…wow! Well this year unlike last year it has really struck home that the blog has been up and going for that long. I may not update it daily but I do feel its […]

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Get Eyeglasses Cheap $6.95

Photo of eyeglasses taken by Wapcaplet. (Photo credit: Wikipedia) Hey everyone, if you need eyeglasses on the cheap like $6.95 + shipping which usually brings it to about $12.00 and if you use promo code IFSW4F2T4X you save 15% go […]

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The Long Days of My Life

The days of my life have become very long and extended. I now fully understand when at funerals they say “he/she lived a very long, full, and happy life.” However, with depression, sickness, and bipolarism filling many of those days […]

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Did some Retail Therapy

Recently I did some retail therapy and bought myself an Airsoft pistol from Hobbytron.com. Growing up I always had BB guns and other fun “make it go boom” toys but never an Airsoft gun. So I had come across Hobbytron […]

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Bullying and the heart break it causes-a letter from a soul in need

Hey Friends, Family and Viewers. Please take a moment to read what was sent to me. As many of you may know I do Life Coaching as well as blogging and other interests. This was a letter that was sent […]

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