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Hello Cupcake It's Me new App for Android

I just wanted to inform you that I have  created a new Android App called Hello Cupcake It’s Me Follower. What this App does is puts all of Hellocupcakeitsme.com at your finger tips. So now you are able to connect to […]

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Vacation and Family Time

So recently my mom came to stay with me and it was the very first time that she has since I have moved out of the house. A few years ago before my dad got really sick and passed on […]

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Small steps…Right direction

I don’t know what it is. it seems like the last few weeks I have really tried to become independent but it also feels like I have become even more dependent. You see for the last couple of weeks I […]

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All over the place

The last month or so I have really just been all over the place with my thoughts and emotions and creativity. I recently started a new side business called Olympic Vape, which is a home based business that specializes in […]

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Eyebuydirect.com GREATEST VALUE for glasses

Hey everyone if you need glasses go to this link http://www.eyebuydirect.com/228428 they are super cheap and excellent quality. They are where I buy all my glasses from. And if you enter in promo code freeshipping you don’t pay shipping on […]

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The Hands of Time

The Hands of Time  by M. Peterson Hands of time need not be those of a clock Gazing upon my hands, once youthful, vibrant, lively  Now show the progression of age The slow decrepity that has begun to make itself […]

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Purposely silent

It isn’t because I have had nothing to say the reason there was a gap in my posting from 4/27 to 5/19 it was a silent tribute to my father. I wrote the long but heartfelt tribute to him and […]

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One year ago today-a tribute to my father

One year ago today my father passed into the next life. Leaving me and my mother behind. He was a good strong man, who worked hard pretty much every day of his life. A good man who had a heart […]

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To much…not enough

So sleeping seems to be eluding me as of late, and when I finally am able to fall asleep I go into a deep coma of weird dreams and strange visions that are likened to that of Alice in Wonderland […]

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Week of learning

So another week has come and passed. It has been a decent week. A week that I feel has been fulfilling and just pleasant. I have had a few up’s and downs, and have helped some people through hard times, […]

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