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Blogger Burnout

I have had massive burnout lately and I am sorry about not getting this updated like I should. But in other news I have been upping the game on YouTube by creating new content on an almost constant basis. I […]

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What the hell just happened?

So today has been really interesting and at writing this I realize its been a minute since Ive updated. Sorry about that. I have been torn in different directions and doing a lot of YouTube videos when I should be […]

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Holidays are tough

You know, I understand depression and that feeling of being utterly alone and the dark thoughts that creep into ones head. In the past I have self medicated and done everything from shutting down and sleeping to actively pushing people […]

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When Miracles Happen

A long time ago I began living my life from minute to minute. Never planning anything for no more than an hour at a time. I use to be one of those people who carried around a day planner, and […]

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Newly elected tragedy of the United States

With the recent tragedy of electing Trump into Presidency we are already seeing the racial backlash of it. Reading the heart break on social media, and hearing it on the streets, is America “great again”? I have a deep pit of […]

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Mercury Retrograde sucks

Mercury Retrograde sucks balls this time around. So many changes are underway that it is damn near unbearable to deal with. Starting with the loss in my family. I lost my grandmother Dixie, my brothers father-in-law passed a week before […]

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Best prices on new glasses – Eyebuydirect.com

I just got a new set of glasses for $60 that are transition lenses, uv protection, anti-scratch, computer user friendly for less than $60 including free shipping…The picture is of my new glasses. This same style of frame started at […]

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Eyebuydirect.com deals and promotions

Hey everyone if you are looking for cheap quality glasses starting at $6.00 then your going to need to head over to www.eyebuydirect.com Eyebuydirect.com is so amazing, and they have killer frames. What sets them apart from other eyeglass providers, is […]

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Birdman or The Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance – Review

Recently I watched Birdman or (The Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance) and was HORRIBLY DISAPPOINTED!! Now I knew nothing of the film except for (and this is my own understand before watching) the movie was supposed to be based on the […]

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Sketcher Shape Up Review

I got a pair of Sketcher’s Shape Up’s  yesterday and wore them for the first time today and I have fallen in love. Being a larger person and having arthritis, bad knees, and a bad lower back, I instantly noticed […]

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