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Best prices on new glasses – Eyebuydirect.com

I just got a new set of glasses for $60 that are transition lenses, uv protection, anti-scratch, computer user friendly for less than $60 including free shipping…The picture is of my new glasses. This same style of frame started at […]

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Eyebuydirect.com deals and promotions

Hey everyone if you are looking for cheap quality glasses starting at $6.00 then your going to need to head over to www.eyebuydirect.com Eyebuydirect.com is so amazing, and they have killer frames. What sets them apart from other eyeglass providers, is […]

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Creatively stumped

Ok so as most of you know im a pretty creative person who loves doing all types of arts and crafts and learning different things. I have always wanted to try playing a violin though i can not play ANY […]

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Married to the Needle

Hello, my name is Michael Peterson. I am a 33-year-old male who was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes June 26th 2008. I was rushed to the hospital with DKA (Diabetic Ketoacidosis). Diabetic ketoacidosis is a complication of diabetes that occurs […]

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Starting up an old hobby

I have started my comic card collection once again. It is kinda hard to do and very heavy hearted endeavor. I had so much money, time, and memories invested in my last collection. I started my first collection back in […]

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Contents under pressure

For the last week and a half I have felt like I am under a ton of pressure. Not like stress or work related but emotional pressure. I have just had a ton of things land on me and cause […]

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The Appeal of Her–a movie review

I just got done watching the movie Her with Joaquin Phoenix. I must say that this movie hit a little to close to home for me. The movie revolves around a heart broken man who is in the midst of […]

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What side are your lines?

Mine will be on my left. I will also have some on the right. Those lines will be hearts and stars, signifying that the hopes and dreams of those suffering will one day come true.

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As Thanksgiving nears

Been doing some thinking over the last week or so. It feels like 2013 is going by so quickly, or at the very least that parts of it has. I look back over the last year and think of the […]

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A simple soliloquy

Tonight under the full moon, I went out and then silent reverence let out a prayer and put it out into the universe. A simple soliloquy that came directly from my heart. I need for change, a want for change. […]

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