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New smart contact lens could monitor glucose for diabetics

In the United States, the number of patients diagnosed with diabetes (both Type 1 and Type 2) has doubled over the last decade. Type 2 accounts for 90-95% of all diabetes diagnoses. Over eight percent of the U.S. population is […]

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Nanoparticle Suspension and Ultrasound Deliver Insulin Without Regular Injections

  Insulin injections are no fun for diabetics and they have to be taken as needed by the body, not by the patient’s personal schedule. This means if you have diabetes, you can’t just pre-inject yourself and go worry-free throughout […]

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iBGStar Blood Glucose Monitoring System

Recently I was granted the opportunity to demo the iBG Star Blood Glucose Monitoring System for iPod/iPhone.When I first saw this I was really excited and couldn’t wait to get my hands on it. Having and loving my iPhone and […]

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Biomedtrics Ditto

Recently I had the chance to test out the new Biomedtrics Ditto. The Ditto is a Bluetooth device that allows you to sync your blood glucose meters to any Bluetooth enabled device such as a smart phone, tablet, or PC. […]

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Glooko is coming to Android and Google Play

So there is a product on the market called Glooko, which is a revolutionary new device that allows you to connect your Glucose meter to your iPhone and copy all of your test results over to your phone, thus allowing […]

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What is insulin? Insulin is the internal secretion of the pancreas formed by groups of cells called the islets of Langerhans. It is the hormone needed to enable glucose to enter the cells and provide energy. Insulin is also important […]

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Testicle Check

original content found at http://accidentalbear.com/health-check-a-rugby-teams-testicle-check-watch-video/ Im posting this because I believe this is important information for all men to know.  

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Three Devastating Statistics of Diabetes Medical Malpractice

Guest Post by Jonathan Portner It is often forgotten that the preventable consequences of diabetes are just that: preventable. While diabetes itself cannot be cured, the symptoms that are experienced can be managed effectively. The level of care that is […]

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Mixed Results On Computer-based Support For Diabetes

Cell phones and computer programs give specific advice and support to people with diabetes, but do not do much to improve their health or quality of life, new research suggests.The outcomes, published in The Cochrane Library, were based on an […]

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High-Fat Foods May Be A Factor In Glucose Control

In a study of patients with type 1 diabetes, Joslin researchers found that dietary fat can affect glucose levels and insulin requirements. These findings, which appeared in the April edition of Diabetes Care, have major implications for the management of […]

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