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Holiday Stress and a Recipe for Dinner

Ahh the holidays are upon us once again, and with them the stresses of paying bills and providing holiday meals and gifts. Its not so tough when you dont have little ones running around foot asking after Santa, but it […]

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Risk Of Diabetes May Be Reduced By Up To 25 Percent By Moderate Coffee Consumption

Drinking three to four cups of coffee per day may help to prevent type 2 diabetes according to research highlighted in a session report published by the Institute for Scientific Information on Coffee (ISIC), a not-for-profit organization devoted to the […]

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Fructose In Moderation Could Be Beneficial For Diabetics

A new study by researchers at St. Michael’s Hospital suggests that fructose may not be as bad for us as previously thought and that it may even provide some benefit.“Over the last decade, there have been connections made between fructose […]

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Overall Post-Meal Blood Sugar Levels Reduced By Snacking On Raisins

New research debuted at the American Diabetes Association‘s 72nd Annual Scientific Session suggests eating raisins three times a day may significantly lower postprandial (post-meal) glucose levels when compared to common alternative snacks of equal caloric value. The study was conducted […]

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Health expert recommends fat tax on unhealthy foods in the UK

The director of the health promotion research group at the University of Oxford has recommended the introduction of a tax on unhealthy foods to help reduce the number of overweight and obese people in the UK.Mike Rayner has proposed a […]

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