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Eyebuydirect.com deals and promotions

Hey everyone if you are looking for cheap quality glasses starting at $6.00 then your going to need to head over to www.eyebuydirect.com Eyebuydirect.com is so amazing, and they have killer frames. What sets them apart from other eyeglass providers, is […]

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U.S. Medicare Part D Can't Explain North-South Disparities

Patients’ access to diabetes and heart failure drugs through U.S. Medicare plans in the first two years of the Part D option did not guarantee proper therapy, researchers at the University of Maryland (UM) found in a nationwide study published […]

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My new glasses

My new glasses got them for $8.68 with RX if you use Ref Code IFSW4F2T4X you get 15% off and if you use coupon code COUPONOLOGY15 you get another 15% off. If you dont have your prescription you can go […]

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Health expert recommends fat tax on unhealthy foods in the UK

The director of the health promotion research group at the University of Oxford has recommended the introduction of a tax on unhealthy foods to help reduce the number of overweight and obese people in the UK.Mike Rayner has proposed a […]

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