I have had massive burnout lately and I am sorry about not getting this updated like I should. But in other news I have been upping the game on YouTube by creating new content on an almost constant basis. I need to get back into actually journaling my feelings and other stuff like that on the blog.

If you havent checked out the YouTube channel then head over there after you are done reading this 🙂 http://www.youtube.com/hellocupcakeitsme

So a few weeks ago I went out to see the Egg Donor (aka ED) and that was a less than fun experience. First I had qualms about going out there in the first place, and before we (my sister, her boyfriend, and my niece) had to spend 8hrs in a city that I had only gone through once. My sister started a new job and had to do training before we could go. So I spent the longest 8hrs in my freaking life, stuck in a parking lot and not being able to go anywhere. So by the time we finally left for ED’s house I was in less than a happy mood. I was tired, hungry and just grumpy. So after we got a room and stuff I was finally able to lay down and unwind. The next day was a total crap fest. The plan was that we were going to leave by 2pm so that we could get home before dark, because my sisters boyfriend’s trucks lights weren’t working. So I being the keeper of time and GPS made several announcements about how the time was coming up and that we needed to leave.

I wasnt packed or prepared for a full weekend stay. So we ended up having to stay until Sunday…FML. So anyways we spend all the rest of the day Saturday bumming around Portland, OR. and really not doing anything. So yeah there was that. There is a shit load more and some drama that happened that I covered in a video [ watch it here ]

So when I finally was able to get home on Sunday, I walk into my house being flooded because my big upright freezer decided to stop working for whatever reason. My cat Scrappy who is like 20yrs old had a seizure and knocked over the water bowl, and before I had left I had closed the toilet seat so they didnt have any fresh clean water to drink. So I wasnt even able to just come home and relax, I had to clean all that stuff up and then I passed out at 12pm and woke up sometime around 7:30pm ate something kinda quick and then passed back out until Monday at 12pm.

I have just come to the conclusion that I dont travel well anymore. I mean I did ok when I went out to California last summer, but that road trip just killed me. I think if I go again im going to just take a train or something.
So with all that. I have begun working on my house and trying to get it cleaned up and just looking nice again. I spent like 3 or 4 weeks on it, working from like morning to late afternoon. Due to it I became a coffee drinker LOL. Well right before Christmas I was given a Keurig. Before then I really never drank coffee at home, but would drink it like water if I went out to breakfast or to Starbucks. So now that I have a Keurig (well I actually have 2 because I bought another one at a thrift store for $4 that was just like the one I have) I have a bunch of fun coffees and things like that. My Kroger has amazing Manager Specials that many times I can get a full box of Krups for $1.99 – $3 and I found that my Dollar Tree also sells Krups now and they are Green Moutian Coffee so you know its a real good deal. And people have been giving me coffee beans, and I went out grocery shopping and bought a can of coffee. So yeah I am pretty much settled.

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