A man speaking on a mobile telephoneDid you know that you could be exposing yourself to radiation daily and not ever know it. It has been shown that cellular devices can emit low levels of radiation, and that prolonged use can cause health problems down the road.

Without a mobile phone radiation shield you may be exposing yourself to the harmful waves that are emitted by your cell phone. A radiation blocker is essential to help reduce cell phone radiation to far less harmful waves. There is a few products on the market called The Aires Defender and The Aires Shield.

The Aires Shield is one of the most effective mobile phone radiation shields available on the market today and it is rather simple to use. The Aires technology is simply attached to your device by a strong adhesive. It is seamless and barely noticeable, but rest assured that anyone that uses your protected mobile device will have the best anti radiation cell phone technology available today. Think of the Aires Shield as a force field that surrounds your mobile device rendering the dangerous EMR waves that are emitted from it almost completely harmless.

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